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What Customers Say

"At Cisco, we have found that video communication dramatically changes our engagement with customers. It improves the effectiveness of the interaction and creates a 1-to-1 intimacy with the customer which is what they are looking for. Video also allows me as a leader to communicate with my global team in a way that is personal and engaging.”

Scott Brown, SVP, Global Virtual Sales and Customer Success

"In our industry, we sell experiences and memories, so we need a platform to best capture that. Our reps use OneMob to create engaging videos leveraging the field, players, ballpark and more. The end result gives our buyers a taste of the White Sox experience; ultimately motivating them to want more, something you just don't get with phone or email alone. Our organization is excited to use video as part of the customer journey and we've already seen substantial ROI."

John Markiewicz, Director of Sales
Chicago White Sox

"Our sales team lives on video as you can imagine, and to have the ability to live on video via email touch to our customers helps us keep that unique level of engagement that has led to so much success. We want our customers to know us and see us as much as possible and OneMob has allowed us to do that. With Salesforce integration we can measure the effectiveness and help support more accurate forecast, etc."

Greg Holmes, Head of Sales

“From a services standpoint, OneMob is an excellent way to communicate a visual message and story! My clients have responded with great appreciation to the personal and original videos. My OneMobs absolutely elevate and strengthen the connection my clients feel toward the Kings organization and journey.”

Leena Riggs, Account Manager
Sacramento Kings

Tell Your Story with a Page of Videos, Documents, and more...


  • Create a webpage of content, including videos, documents, website links and URLs, buttons, YouTube, and Social Media
  • Brand pages to match company branding
  • Real time chat directly with viewers (Coming soon)


  • Record and upload video
  • Follow a teleprompter
  • Apply watermarks, filters and text overlays
  • Create any background with green screen support


  • Upload any document
  • Import from Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or Evernote


  • Track everything on the Page in real time
  • Track Video and Document viewer, time spent and location
  • Log activity back to Salesforce and MS Dynamics

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